At some point,  you have said, "I don't have anything to wear," even if there is a closet full of clothes. Maybe you have looked at your wardrobe recently, and you realized it's time to shop for Spring-Summer. How can you make sure that you are shopping smart? So that you would never repeat this? There are different reasons why you don't have anything to wear. However, in this blog post, we will discuss three reasons. They are; Lifestyle changes, Following Trends, and purchasing clothes, not outfits. 

Lifestyle changes could be the main reason you don't have anything to wear. Your current life has outgrown your current wardrobe. An example; is a college student who just graduated and is now preparing for their new role in a corporate setting. If the graduate student is working in a traditional corporate environment, they might need to adjust their wardrobe. Do a little shopping, and add workwear basics such as; blazers, dress pants, suit skirts, loafers, white dress shirts to your wardrobe. 

When you realise that your current wardrobe doesn't reflect your lifestyle, the first thing you should do is do a closet revamp. Clean out your closet and donate some items. You can do this by going to charity shops or/and donating it to family or friends. The second thing you would want to do is look for stores that cater to your aesthetics. For example, if you want a more corporate wardrobe, you can check out stores such as Suzy Shier, Dynamite, KOTN, Reitmans and Zara

We live in a world where we are continuously exposed to new trends, primarily through our favourite content creators and influencers. Some popular fashion brands drop new collections every two weeks, so it is almost impossible not to want recent trends in your closet. Solely buying clothes or accessories because they are trending - is terrible for your wardrobe, the environment, and your pocket. When you shop based on trends, you limit yourself. How? You may ask. You will always play catch up when you buy only trends since fast fashion brands tend to drop new collections every two weeks. As a result, you may never find your authentic style. You will constantly need to revamp your wardrobe to make room for current trends, and "you will look like every other girl" *insert TikTok sound.* That is why at Zainik's Studios, we preach finding your style and shop for basics that complement that style. 

Another common mistake that you could be making is buying clothes without having an outfit in mind. At Zainik's Studios, we like to tell our clients that; they should always shop with an outfit in mind. The method prevents you from constantly buying new items that you cannot style with what is already in your closet. If you continually have to buy new outfits every time you have an event, you probably don't have a capsule wardrobe. The next time you go shopping and add an item you like to your cart, ask yourself, can I wear this with what is already in my closet? How many outfits can I create with this? 

For a one-one consultation, reach out to us at personalstylist@zainiksstudios.com. We can help with your wardrobe revamp and help you build a capsule wardrobe. 

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