Trend / Timeless (A Trend or A Wardrobe Essential ?) - The ‘Drop Waist’ Dresses


The drop waist silhouette is modernizing the iconic 1920s flapper dresses. If you're not familiar with 1920s fashion, flapper dresses were known for their low waistlines, often sitting at the hips, which contrasted the previous decade's cinched (corset) silhouettes. These dresses were typically adorned with fringe, sequins, and beads, capturing the exuberance of the Jazz Age. The drop waist style became a symbol of the new, carefree lifestyle embraced by young women of the Roaring Twenties, marking a significant shift in fashion history.

Fast forward to 2024, and the silhouette has returned with a modern twist. This style was prominently featured during the 2024 fashion weeks in New York, Lagos, Paris, and London. Designers like Christopher John Rogers, Rendoll, Schiaparelli, House of CB, KAI Collective, and Desiree Iyama have embraced this trend. Interestingly, Desiree Iyama’s collections featured this silhouette even before it hit the runways. As with many runway trends, the drop waist style is now making its way to fast fashion retailers like Zara, H&M, and Aritzia.

Earlier this week, I conducted a poll to see whether people viewed this silhouette as a trend or a timeless piece. I was pleasantly surprised by how many voted 'Timeless/Classic.' I completely agree that this piece can easily become a wardrobe essential, as these dresses can be styled as either a dress or a skirt.

One of the best aspects of this silhouette is its versatility and ability to flatter almost any body type. Initially, I was unsure how it would look on someone with a shorter torso, so I went to Zara and tried on all their drop waist dresses. I fell in love! The drop waist elongates my torso, creating the illusion of a smaller waist and longer legs. So, if you're petite and wondering if you should embrace this trend, let my experience, the images shown below and this TikTok video ( be your sign to go for it. Despite its current popularity, I believe this silhouette is timeless and will remain a staple in fashion.

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  • I really enjoyed reading this and looking forward to getting some drop waist dresses. I think I have one in my Wardrobe ❤️


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