What is a Style Card?

Style Cards are the outfit boards created by the Stylist when clients order our capsule wardrobe styling service. As shown in the images below;

fashionable outfits polyvore coreoutfit 1 | fashionable outfits polyvore coreoutfit 2 | 

outfit 3 | outfit 4

When would I receive my style cards?

Your stylist will forward your personalized style board along with links to items on the board 7 - 10 business days after the consultation with your Stylist.

Would You Be Providing The Items On The Style Cards?

We won't be purchasing the items on your style cards. However, your Stylist will include the links to the items when they forward you the style card. 

Do I need to attend the consultation with my Stylist?

Yes. After purchasing our styling board directly from our website, you will need to attend a 15 minutes meeting with your stylist. The purpose of the meeting is to get to know more about your lifestyle, sizing, colours etc.